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The Premier League: Making a strong password

When you get your Username and Password for the Premier League Safeguarding App Portal in your Welcome Email, you are advised to change your password. Use this article to ensure you set a strong password.

Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 13.59.01Changing your Password

On your first log in to the Premier League Safeguarding App Portal, it is strongly advised that you change your assigned password. 

To do that, simply sign in to the portal, go to Admin Users on the left hand side and the click Your Admin profile in the drop down menu. This will then show you your name, email, role and username. The Password field will be blank. It is here you can enter a new password. Then click Save Changes. You will now how a new password to use the next time you sign in.

Note: The username and password you have for the Premier League Safeguarding Portal are NOT the same as for the App. The ones for the App are created by you. Want to log in to the App for the first time? Click here for help with that ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿป

Creating a New Password


โœ… DO change your password frequently, at least every 90 days. 

โœ… DO disable stored passwords & clear those already stored on your computer. 

โœ… DO use a different password for each account. 

โœ… DO use a longer password as they are stronger. 

โœ… DO add complexity - numbers, symbols and capital letters. 

Top Tip: Using complexity can make a simple password strong, for example, 'Pa5Sw0rD-!ยฃ' is stronger than 'Password'. 


โŒ DON'T reuse passwords for multiple accounts. 

โŒ DON'T click yes when a site offers to 'Remember your Password'. 

โŒ DON'T use birthdays, quotes or pet names. 

โŒ DON'T use anything people will associate with you. 

โŒ DON'T share your passwords or store them on a shared device. 

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