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Successful Push Notifications

Push Notifications can be incredibly effective to promote engagement in your App when used correctly.

Push Notifications can be sent to your App users to help direct their attention where you want it!

They appear just like a notification you might receive from any app on your phone like Instagram or Whatsapp. But how do you make them, and how do you use them well? Follow our advice below to create great Push Notifications!


Try and keep your Title and Body similar whenever you send notifications, and try and keep them relatively regular. Don't start with loads and then let them disappear and not send many. Start a schedule you're able to stick to.

Clear and Concise

It is important to make your push notification clear and concise. Push notifications have a 200 character limit in the Body, and 40 for the Title. We suggest include what a post relates to in the title, for example if its related to new training that is being offered, it might say "Trauma-informed Practice Awareness Training". You'd then include detail of the training in the body of the message, such as "Book your place NOW! 🎟️ The 'Recovery Through Relationships' is now available to all Cambridgeshire social workers at CCC offices during school holidays" You could even include an emoji or an exclamation mark emoji❗if something needs urgent attention.

Other Considerations

Is it timely? You can schedule a push notification for a specific time or date to ensure it has the best engagement. For example, Social Workers may have a very busy and varied schedules so consider this when sending notifications if you want to ensure they're seen.

Is it actionable? The push notification should make it clear what the user should do next. For example, if you are wanting to inform social workers of a paperwork deadline, ensure the urgency is clear and it provides instructions on what to do next, whilst obviously linking it to the relevant documentation.

NOTE Remember, your users must have notifications enabled on their device from the Cambridgeshire Virtual School App. Find instructions and information about notification permissions πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ“±here

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