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Video Guide: Creating Noticeboards

If you need to set up a private group for parent or staff to receive specific updates, look no further than Noticeboards in your Safer Schools Scotland App!

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Do you need a way to communicate with the parents of your class group? Or maybe the carers of children going on a school trip, but don’t want numbers to be shared or group members chatting amongst themselves?

Never fear! Allow me to introduce Digital Noticeboards! This feature enables authorised users to communicate their own content with specific groups of people. Think of this as something similar to a real notice board, for example, in the school reception area or staff room.

Notice Boards are a closed, one way form of communication, meaning there is only communication from the creator of the board to its members.

Setting up and having users join your Notice Boards is a multi stage process and can only be done by school staff.

STEP 1 πŸ‘‰πŸ» Creating the Board

This must be done by one of the Safeguarding Team or Staff roles within the school. Upon navigating to your main menu, scroll down to the 'Noticeboards' tile. Click on this and you'll see any previously created notice boards you're a member of.

STEP 2 πŸ‘‰πŸ» Create

You’ll see 2 options here: 'Join a Noticeboard' and 'Create a Noticeboard'. Click Create! You'll then see a dialogue box like this. Fill it in as directed giving your board an appropriate name and description. For example: P7 residential 2023, To keep parents and carers up to date with P7s travel and antics on the Isle of Wight!

Upon submitting this Name and Description, a numerical code and a QR code will be generated. These are the codes you'll need to give to those you wish to join your Noticeboard.

Noticeboards can be used to share not only text, but documents and images as well. In this example, we could pictures of the children’s activities while they’re away, PDF timetables, or even a travel tracker link if the coach is stuck in traffic!

For further support on using your Safer Schools Scotland App, visit support.ineqe.com and click on the Safer Schools Scotland logo to see our range of support articles, or contact us on LiveChat! We can’t wait to help!

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