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Video guide: Getting Started

Now you've downloaded your new App, let's get you started! In this video guide, we'll walk you through Creating your Account, Logging in and Adding your Child's school.

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Once you have it downloaded, logging in is simple. But before you start, it’s advised you have all information to hand! Firstly, your school will distribute entry codes used to 'authorise' the users. These will be in the form of a QR entry code or a 4 digit pin number, and are unique to every school. Please ensure the children do NOT use any of the adult codes to access their own app. The entry code system is there to guarantee that users only see age-appropriate, relevant content and information throughout the App.

Once you have the entry code, it’s time to create your account. When you first open the app, it will look like this. Simply select your role from the log in screen, and select β€˜create an account’. Once here, it’ll ask for a name, email address and for you to create a password. Upon submission of these, you’ll see the terms and conditions pop up. Scroll to the bottom to read it all, and click β€œAgree”. Your account is now ready to use and please note you will not receive a confirmation email.

Once logged in for the first time, you’ll be asked to add a school or role. This is where your entry code from the school comes in! Using the QR entry code will log you straight in to the right school, and must be scanned using the in-app camera. If using the numerical code, you’ll need to search the school name first, and watch it pop up in the list. Then select and enter the 4 digit code when prompted.

You can add further roles or schools at any time in the β€˜profile’ section of your app. This is the small black circle with the little person in it in the top right hand corner of your app screen.

From here, you’ll see an option to 'add school or role' in the 'Account Information' menu. Follow the same process as above, and ensure you have the correct codes for your new school or role to hand.

Already have multiple roles on your profile? Brilliant! To switch between these at any time, simply tap the 'switch school or role' option underneath 'your active profile'.

And remember - Account creation is only for adult users! Users under 18 will not need to create and account. They simply select Pupil from the home screen, and they can add a school immediately with the appropriate entry code.

For further support on using your Safer Schools Scotland App, visit support.ineqe.com and click on the Safer Schools Scotland logo to see our range of support articles, or contact us on LiveChat! We can’t wait to help!

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