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Video Guide: Downloading the Safer Schools Scotland App

A walkthrough guide to downloading your new App!

Read the Script here:

Downloading and logging into your Safer Schools Scotland App is simple.

The App is free to download in the Apple App and Google Play stores. Simply search β€˜Safer Schools Scotland'. You’re looking for the little blue App icon with three little people inside of a shield, and it will look like this.

Not only is the App is free to download, its also data lite, so won’t take up loads of your phone storage!

Once you have it downloaded, logging in is simple. But before you start, it’s advised you have all information to hand! Firstly, your school will distribute entry codes used to β€œauthorise” the users. These will be in the form of a QR entry code or a 4 digit pin number, and are unique to every school. Please ensure the children do NOT use any of the adult codes to access their own app. The entry code system is there to guarantee that users only see age-appropriate, relevant content and information throughout the App.

For further support on using your Safer Schools Scotland App, visit support.ineqe.com and click on the Safer Schools Scotland logo to see our range of support articles, or contact us on LiveChat! We can’t wait to help!

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Still feeling unsure?

Our Service Engagement team are always here to answer any questions you may have and provide you with any support you need.

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