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How is the Premier League Safeguarding App GDPR compliant?

GDPR Compliance concerns? Look no further!

Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 14-10-20-png-1small lionThe Premier League Safeguarding App is fully GDPR compliant. The INEQE Safeguarding group recognise the importance of compliance with GDPR and the app is designed in line with the principals of data minimisation. Access is provided via a numerical entry code or QR code and the information capture is limited to the role and age of the user is also considered. Each user is provided with access to content and alerts tailored specifically to meet their needs, without the need to share personal data. For example, within the Premier League Safeguarding App is accessible by adults and young people. There are also three age ranges for the young people using the App, and they cannot all be considered under one umbrella when it comes to content.

Equally, the young people who are using the App are NOT required to create an account, and as such we do not hold any data on them. It is only adult roles that require account creation with an email address.

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