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The Premier League: Content quality assurance

You can be sure the content within your Premier League Safeguarding App is up to date, relevant, and quality assured.

small lionThe INEQE Safeguarding Group’s Safety and Content and Learning and Development teams monitor specialist safeguarding news and alerts in real time. They also gather feedback on the risks and topics that are faced by adults and young people, and capture lessons emerging from Serious Case and Local Practice Reviews. This is how the prompts, alerts and the information we provide to users remains contemporary, credible and relevant.

The App is also data lite, as much of the content is HTML based. This is an advantage when it comes to keeping things relevant and current, as we can have content within the App update almost immediately and without the need for users to constantly update the app amongst concerns of 'old news'. 

As well as relevant, we can also ensure quality and accuracy. A dedicated team of subject matter experts and associated safeguarding professionals inform and develop our content and CPD accredited courses. All of our material is subject to robust quality assurance processes. These processes are overseen and informed by our in-house counsel (the former Head of Legal at CEOP) and an editorial panel comprising Local Authority and school safeguarding professionals.

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