Is the Safer Schools App GDPR compliant?

Yes, rest assured the Safer Schools App is GDPR complaint.

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We recognise the importance of compliance with GDPR and the App is designed in line with the principals of data minimisation -

  • Access is provided via an entry or QR code - the information capture is limited to the role of the user and the age range of pupils is also considered.
  • Each user is provided with access to content and alerts tailored specifically to meet their needs, without the need to share personal data.

Note: The only time we collect data is upon the completion of a Digital Test. This is for the purposes of providing you with a certificate. When you hit submit, your certificate will appear on the screen and be delivered to your email. At this point, your data is ‘Hashed’ and ‘Salted’. This means that we can’t see or store the email address you provided. All we keep is your name, score, test taken and date the test was taken. Click here to read our terms and conditions.

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