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Push Notification Pathways

To make your Push Notifications really significant, utilise the Locations offered in your portal.

Push Notifications are not a test message, but an opportunity to push your users towards something specific that they should be notified of.

You Web Management Portal allows you to do this in a number of ways. You can find the options at the bottom of the page under Location when you're finished creating your Push Notification text and title. Each button gives you different options.

PN locations-pngContent

If you've selected a single role to send your Push Notification to, you'll see a 6th option titled Menu. This will allow you to direct users to a page from the Social Care content within your App.

locations content

After clicking Menu you can select a menu, or Page will allow you to pick a page within that menu. So for example, if you're notifying about a change in SEN Support, you'd select Menu, then Page and select choose Social Care and SEND in the drop down options, as shown below.

locations page

locations videoVideos

The Videos option will allow you to select a video thats been uploaded to your YouTube playlist. If users tap this notification it will take them directly to the video you've chosen.


If you wish to send users to an external link, you can select the News and Updates option and this will allow you to paste a web link into the box that appears. on opening the notification, users will be taken to the web page specified.

locations link

Missed Notifications

If a user doesn't have time to look at the notification in the moment, they can find them again at any time in the Notifications item in the top carousel of the App's homepage. The location pushed to will also still be active and still take the user where intended.

notifications page

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