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Clubs at the Premier League: What is the 'Notice Board' feature?

This feature enables authorised users to post ‘digital notices’ within the App. Create, share, edit and delete boards from within your Premier League Safeguarding App.

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Think of this as something similar to a real notice board, for example, in a club ground reception area. Designated users can share text, images, audio and video to a closed group of app users.

NOTE Only particular roles can create Notice Boards. Only roles involving Safeguarding staff (Safeguarding Team, Heads of Safeguarding) have this function. Other roles will be able to join noticeboards only.

Notice Boards are a closed, one way form of communication, meaning there is only communication from the creator of the board to its members. Notice board posts can only be updated from in the App.

Notice boards can be set up for a team, parents of players, office staff etc; They're useful for quick and immediate updates for whichever groups you deem necessary.

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