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Clubs at the Premier League: What training is available through my App?

A range of training to develop your Safeguarding knowledge and awareness are available at the touch of your phone screen within your Premier League Safeguarding App.

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The Premier League Safeguarding App aims to assist in protecting the young people within the Premier League and those that work with them. One of the best forms of protection is often education. Knowing what you're facing can be the best way to overcome any problems it poses. Your Premier League Safeguarding App has a range of resources, both from INEQE Safeguarding group and from the Premier League and FA. With a dedicated online safety section and professional development courses written by Ineqe Safeguarding Group on a number of safeguarding topics, you're sure to broaden your safeguarding knowledge. And knowledge is always power.

Online Safety and Appropriate Use

PL online safety and appropriate useThe Online Safety and Appropriate Use section of your Premier League Safeguarding App provides you with live, constantly curated content to educate and support you with current online topics, risks and things to be aware of. It also has a link to the Safety Centre where you can search for specific questions, such as reporting accounts or users on a particular App or how to privacy settings.

Within the Online Safety and Appropriate Use section itself, you'll find a variety of topics covered, including online safety basics, as well as issue based articles around topics like 'Image sharing' or 'scams'.




Training and Awareness

The Training and Awareness section will give you a number of opportunities to engage with safeguarding training from many avenues. Take advantage of training resources from FIFA, INEQE Safeguarding group and the Premier League in Online Learning and Development . There are also links to the Premier League Accredited Safeguarding Officer Course as well as recommended newsletters to ensure you stay up to date with the every changing world of safeguarding.

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As a club user, this content will most like appear in your Premier League content, not the club content tile. ALSO certain roles may not have access to all avenues of training. If you need advice on further education, why not contact your Club Safeguarding team and ask!

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