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How do I add a survey to the Safer Schools NI App?

Follow the steps below to learn how to add a survey to your Safer Schools NI App. 👇

Step 1️⃣ Create a survey in a third-party app such as Survey MonkeyGoogle Forms, or Zoho Survey

Note: You will need to create a separate account on the third party app of your choice. 

Step 2️⃣ Log in to your Safer Schools NI Portal and go to the 'Surveys Management' section of the menu to the left-hand side. 👇


Tip: In the table below, select 'Create New Survey'.  You can also refer to a list of surveys that have been created previously, including a link to the survey itself, the creator and the date of creation. There is also an option to 'Delete' any out of date or unwanted surveys. 

Step 3️⃣  Select 'Create New Survey' and insert the link of your survey from the third-party app of choice (Refer to Step 1️⃣). 


Step 4️⃣ To select the recipients you want to send your survey to, simply tick each box beside your desired roles. 

Step 5️⃣ Select 'Submit' to complete this process. 

Top Tip: Surveys can be sent out to your App users via a Push Notification. To learn more about Push Notifications, click here.

Note:  Your Safer Schools NI Portal does not store the information collected from your survey. Simply log in to your personal/school survey account and the collected information will be stored there. 

Still need help? Contact the Safer Schools NI support service using the contact details below.

📞 Phone: 02896005777

📨 Email: saferschoolsni@ineqe.com 

💻 Website: Visit Safer Schools NI and use the Live Chat