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Where do I find my school's entry codes for the Safer Schools NI App?

You can find the entry codes for all roles in your Safer Schools NI Portal in "Entry Codes". Follow the steps below. 👇

Step 1️⃣ To access the codes, navigate to the left hand side menu and click ' Entry Codes'.
Step 2️⃣ Select 'Entry Codes' and you will see the login code for each role for Staff, Parents/Carers and Pupils. Browse the list until you find the role you are seeking access for. 👇

Tip: We recommend that the Safer Schools NI Account Contact is responsible for allowing access to the Safer Schools NI App via Entry and QR Codes. 

Note: Each role within your school community will have an Entry Code and a corresponding QR Code. Select 'View QR Code' to access and download QR Codes. You can use both methods to login to your Safer Schools NI App. 


Top Tip: Need help logging into the App for all roles? Check out our support article

Still need help? Contact the Safer Schools NI support service using the contact details below.

📞 Phone: 02896005777

📨 Email: saferschoolsni@ineqe.com 

💻 Website: Visit Safer Schools NI and use the Live Chat