Does the Safer Schools Portal tell me how many people have downloaded the app in my school community?

The Safer Schools Portal does not provide the details of how many people have downloaded the app in your school community.

Why? Well, your Safer Schools App is GDPR Compliant and Data Lite, by design.

At device level, the app is fundamentally data lite, in compliance with Principle C ‘Data Minimisation of the GDPR Framework. Simply this means that App users ( e.g. Your School Pupils, Parents / Carers and Staff) are not asked or required to provide individual contact details to access core age-appropriate safeguarding content, resources and advice. 

  • Schools and Local Authority Access are provided app 4 digit Login and QR codes. These reflect roles within the community (e.g. Parent, Carer, Pupil, Staff, Safeguarding Lead, Bursar) Entry Codes to the app are provided to schools / local authorities upon successful competition of our secure eligibility and onboarding registration process.
  • Each user is provided with access to age-appropriate content and alerts tailored specifically without the need to share personal data.
  • INEQE Safeguarding Group only collects and processes in-app data when essential for use of certain features of your Safer Schools App. For example through the Digital Tests feature of the App. This is for the purpose of the creation and electronic delivery of a digital certification and audit purposes. The data provided by the user is 'Hashed' and 'Salted' and the only data collected is the user's Date of Test, Name and Test Score. No contact details provided by users of in-app features are stored on our servers or accessible.
  • We also use AI Prompts within the Safer Schools App. However, the only data used here is the Role the user is logged into the App with and the number of times they visit a specific section. 

Top Tip:  To understand the engagement level using the app, please consider uploading and sharing a survey using the survey function of your Safer Schools App and/or asking users to complete a digital test. Find out how to do this here.

Note: Learn more about Push Notifications here. 


Still need help? Contact the Safer Schools support service using the Live Chat Icon on the bottom left-hand side of the webpage. Alternatively, you can email us on or call 02896005777.